Instead of just creating pretty designs, we want to address your core needs and work from there.

Our process generally follows these steps:

1. Discovery

We gather as much background information about your business, the potential project, your budget and proposed schedule. We’ll ask questions about your audience, competitors, goals/objectives and demographics. We find out more about your needs and what actions you want people to take. Finally, we cover the visual aspect; talk about your existing brand, desired tone and how the project/piece should look and feel.

2. Information Architecture

When building a website, we first draw up a sitemap, taking an account of the content inventory and creating wireframes (a blueprint of key pages that show placement and hierarchy of specific features of your website). Some concepts may apply to print work as well. We basically take some information from the discovery and use it to create a plan.

3. Design and Development

Now we get to work on visual impact and go through a collaborative review process with you until designs are approved. For web work, development will follow with a testing phase. After the site is completed and approved, we go over functionality and style with the client. All print projects will be delivered to the client and/or professional printer.

*We’re in the process of updating our site with current work samples. In the meantime, view previous work here.